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Get expert advice from an experienced teacher.

  • Online Courses

    Get instant access to Jane's online courses covering everything from Essay Writing to Shakespeare. These self-paced courses include downloadable workbooks, engaging video lessons and bonus resources.

  • Live Webinars

    Our holiday and weekend webinars are ideal for those students who want a little more accountability and the opportunity to ask questions and get personalised support from Jane.

  • Study Guides

    Downloadable resources to help students navigate their assessment tasks and texts. Developed by curriculum experts and aligned to the syllabus objectives.

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All courses are designed to align with the QCE English syllabus objectives and help boost students' confidence and academic results.

Why should you enrol in Scholarly?

High school kids are BUSY. Each school day consists of multiple subjects, co-curricular activities, and sometimes even work or volunteer commitments. Classes have up to 25 students (or more) and there isn’t enough time for teachers to provide individual support. What's more, having all your mates in the same class can be...shall we say, distracting? Our online courses allow teens to focus on their QCE English studies, in an environment that is engaging and supportive. We help them understand what they need to know and do to achieve success. Scholarly is committed to improving the learning outcomes of QCE English students on the road to ATAR. Give yourself a head start, and enrol in one of our online courses today!

Hear from our Scholars & Parents

"Jane's expertise in English and the dedication and care she shows to her students is invaluable. I would highly recommend her services to any student wanting to improve their results." Parent, 2019

“Our daughter received an A for English for her ATAR and scored 23/25 for her final exam. This strong result helped her receive an offer to study a double degree in law and biomedical science at the Queensland University of Technology QUT. After finishing tutoring, our daughter commented that the tutoring she received was clear and concise, and she felt extremely confident heading into the exam. Thank you for your help, Jane. Scholarly is a wise investment for any parent wanting to assist with their child’s ATAR success.” Parent, 2020

“Jane was invaluable throughout my son's senior year. Her expertise, calm and considered approach gave him confidence in his writing and the ability to achieve great outcomes. I can't recommend Jane more highly. She is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of experience." Nadine, 2019

"I am currently in my sixth year at university, and Ms Sullivan remains the best teacher I have ever had. She taught us to work independently, meet deadlines, and produce a high quality of work. She is a kind, attentive teacher that cares about her students and gets to know them on a personal level. It was a joy being her student." Tessa, 2018

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