Meet Jane Sullivan

Director and Lead Educator

I launched Scholarly in October 2018 when my 4th and youngest son turned one. Yes, you read that right, I have four sons under the age of twelve, and that's why you won't find me in my usual happy place of the English classroom. After 15 years teaching English in QLD high schools, I wanted to create a job that allowed me a little more flexibility to be with my growing family, so I decided to launch my very own ONLINE English classroom!

I LOVE teaching English. Other than my family, it’s my greatest passion.

Scholarly isn’t just about achieving academic success, it’s about boosting students’ confidence and helping them believe in themselves.

My online courses are designed to be stress-free and engaging. I don’t put teens ‘on the spot’ and expect them to demonstrate their skills. Instead, I explain key concepts in a way that makes sense, and I provide examples that they can understand.

Scholarly may be a small business, but I have a BIG vision to support teens from all over QLD with their QCE English studies.

What makes Scholarly special?

  • Expert Advice

    I've been teaching English in QLD schools for over 15 years, and I know my stuff! (Plus, I'm really good at explaining complex concepts in a way that makes sense to teens.)

  • Content Knowledge

    I help teens understand what they need to KNOW and DO to achieve success. No fluff, no butcher's paper and pens, no random roleplaying activities. Just the nitty-gritty on their texts and assessment tasks.

  • Assessment Support

    I focus on the syllabus objectives and how teens can address them explicitly in their assessment tasks - leading to better results!

  • Resources

    Each student is given a downloadable workbook to help guide them through the webinars, as well as bonus resources to help them with their assessment.

  • Webinar Recordings

    Every webinar is recorded live and students will have access to the recordings for 12-months - this means they can revisit the content any time during the course of the year!

  • Confidence

    Most importantly, I'm all about building your teen's confidence and helping them achieve their personal best in English.

What are you waiting for?

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What our Scholars say...

Webinar Participant

by Year 10 student

I haven’t enjoyed English for a long time as I just thought it was boring, but I really enjoyed today and am excited for Senior English because of it. Thank you, Jane, for all your help, I feel much more confident for Year 11 English.

Webinar Participant

by Year 11 student

It was amazing!! Jane helped me to understand the expectations for QCE English. I now know what my writing needs to include to be at a high standard – and what my teachers are looking for.

Webinar Participant

by Year 12 student

Thank you for making me more confident in English, I loved your workshop. I liked how you gave a step-by-step explanation of each part of the essay, showing how everything is constructed and organised.