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  • 6 x informative and engaging webinars run by Scholarly’s Director and Lead Educator, Jane Sullivan.

  • 2 x downloadable workbooks that guide students through the webinars and the analytical essay genre.

  • 12-month's access to the course content, accessible via laptop, tablet or even your phone!

  • +BONUS downloadable resource The Ultimate Guide to the EA (Valued at $34 inc. GST)

  • +BONUS downloadable resource How to Talk to Your Teacher and Bounce Back from a Bad Mark

What kinds of students will benefit from Scholarly's support?

I'm often asked this question. The fact of the matter is that ALL kinds of students come to me for academic support. 

Sometimes they're already achieving high marks, but just want to accelerate their learning to enable them to boost their results from a B+ to an A, or even an A- to A+.

 Or, perhaps they want to bridge that seemingly vast gap between a C+ and a B. Maybe they have even failed a couple of pieces of assessment and are ready to do the work to start passing. Like I said, I get ALL kinds of students enrol in my online courses.

Many teens lose their confidence during high school, particularly when it comes to their academic assessment. Their inner-critic starts to say things like, "you'll just never get higher than a [fill in the blank]" or "you'll never be good at [insert subject here]" or even "my teacher ALWAYS gives me the same mark".

The shared characteristic of many of my Scholars is that they've lost confidence in their ability to achieve academic success. (Whatever that may look like for them). That's why restoring their confidence is always my primary goal.

Confident learners. That's what Scholarly is all about.

Ok, this photo has nothing to do with online learning. I just wanted to show you that I don't take myself too seriously. And...I talk with my hands. A lot. 

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