How to talk to your teacher...

(and bounce back from a bad mark)

In an ideal world every teacher would be like Mr Brown in Wonder or Miss Honey from Matilda BUT life doesn't always work that way. Sometimes we find ourselves in the grumpy teacher's class and that can really stress kids out. So this webinar is just a few little tips on how to get on with your teacher INCLUDING how to approach them when you're confused about an assignment or unhappy with a grade. Included is a +Bonus Downloadable Resource: How to Talk to Your Teacher (and Bounce Back from a Bad Mark)

What's included?

  • An informative and engaging webinar run by Teen Educator, Podcaster and Writer, Rebecca Sparrow, and Scholarly’s Director and Lead Educator, Jane Sullivan.

  • 12-month's access to the course content, accessible via laptop, tablet or even your phone!

  • +BONUS downloadable resource How to Talk to Your Teacher and Bounce Back from a Bad Mark

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